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Saturday, March 24th, 2007
9:40 am
Brief Update

I guess I can do a brief update on me. I’ve never found myself all that fascinating and have no idea why anyone else would want to read any of my journal entries. And it seems I haven’t posted to live journal since 2005.


Well, Mom died last year in June. Since then I spent some time grieving and traveling. I went up to Eureka and the Redwoods, where Mom grew up. Then later I went up to Etna in Siskiyou county, where Dad grew up, and met about five cousins I’d never met. Those two trips were family history related -- I finally put together a family history DVD, first of about ten, that I sent to my four nephews and two brothers.


Then even later I took a two week trip to the Southwest to check out if I wanted to move there. Financially it would be great, have money left over from the condo sale, and buy a house there for ½ to 2/3 of what I would pay in California. New Mexico was my prime pick, but although parts are beautiful in a stark way, I’ve decided I am a Californian, born and bred, and will try to stay in NorCal. Right now it is not a good housing market, so I will stay a bit longer in the condo. But my traveling days are done for now.


Taken a bunch of classes too, bird, jewelry making, Shakespeare, and wine tasting and a few other things. Going to be taking another bird class and photography class. Since I am working at home on my home based business I find I need to get out of the house and see people on a regular basis. Going to try, even, something called glass slumping.


So life is rolling along, I am adjusting, learning new things, doing more photography, and overall enjoying life. I am also working on a programming project, non-IF related. But I still haven’t decided where I am going to move.


In other words, I am still in transition.


9:32 am
Oh, where, oh, where is Isquiesque?
Hey, kid, where are you?

I haven't found any activity on the Net from you since late December.

I've emailed.

I'd like you to be a judge in the next IF Art Show.

Has something happened? Are you on a training course? Are you okay? Sort of worried here, although I wasn't around myself.

Please get in touch.

Sunday, March 13th, 2005
11:44 am
My Recent Photos
A group of us from the Pentax mailing list (although I have a Canon now I am still tolerated on the list), got together for a meet and shoot in San Jose. Those us that live in Northern California, that is (there are people from all over the world on the list).

Interestingly, John Francis, who used to be in r*if, is part of the group. John Francis gave me his old Gateway computer many long years ago after I had a hard disk crash (I have another computer, now, of course). So I had met him previously some time back. This was the NorCal PDML's second meet (since I joined the list), and my third time seeing John and third time seeing some others as well (which I have seen in other situations). I also met four people new to me. It was a pleasant day.

Next time we will be shooting in my county.

Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
7:35 am
The Next Frame

Well, not literally, but close to.

See next the frame...Collapse )
12:21 am

Hope you aren't bored with this...

Yet Another Movie QuizCollapse )
Thursday, January 20th, 2005
9:34 pm
Last Three Books
Digital Fortress - Dan Brown - Same guy that wrote the Da Vinci Code. Not as exciting as that, or even Angels and Demons, but passable. Rather enjoyed it. This one relates to ciphers -- codes. Using computers. Set at sometime in the near future. I felt, though, that Dan is not as computer-versed as he was art-versed, and somethings just seemed rather incredible to me. Had to suspend disbelief, while the Da Vinci Code seemed more plausible, strangely.

Good friend is in the middle of Reading the Da Vinci Code. Buys it lock, stock, and barrel. I pointed out to her that he drew a lot of ideas (presented by others originally) together into a compelling plot, but it doesn't make it TRUE. She asked me which part I didn't believe. I told her, well, "Let's start with the fact I don't believe Jesus was the son of God. I mean, it's all myth to me anyway." (As far as I know she doesn't believe that either.) Hehehe. Think that set her back a bit. (I also never learned all that stuff about Da Vinci he has in his book back in college art classes. The homosexuality, yes; the rest no. :-)) I find it a little hard to believe how much controversy that book generated. It's fiction, after all, and if you read his other books it becomes pretty damn obvious that he can really spin a tale. Oh, well.

One for The Money - Janet Evanovich - Somehow in the Stephanie Plum (as bounty hunter) series, I had missed the first one. Enjoyed it, even though it's another implausibility -- an implausible character. A bit like Alias on TV. With humor. She's sooooooooooo kickass. In a girlish, vulnerable kind of way. Some that come later in the series veer off from gentle humor straight into broad slapstick. Those I did not enjoy as much because the implausibility factor gets too high (this woman has totaled I forget how many cars in the series -- fires, accidents, car bombs). But, of course, the gutsiness of the protagonist is what makes the series fun.

Under My Skin - Sara Dunant - Not bad. A mystery involving plastic surgery. Set in England. Evidentially the British (at least according to the book) are much less used to plastic surgery than in the US. Still a bit shocking, or radical to them. Good writer. Not sure I've ever read anything by her before. Definitely worth reading -- if you like mysteries.

I read a lot of mysteries when I am not reading a lot of science-fiction.

Doe :-) And I read A LOT of both.
6:30 pm
Mini-Update -- Some Photos
Been, slowly but surely, getting back into photography again.

Played with a relatively new Macro lens.

Recent Photos:


I'll update more later, if anything wild and exciting happens.

Current Mood: artistic
Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
11:54 am
Touching Base...
I think I mentioned that I had taken a trip in June to the Grandfather Mountain Nature Photography Weekend (conference) in NC and met about 30 people on the camera list I am on on the Net. No trips since then.

I have launched a home-based business. So far I think I’ve made $5 profit. LOL. I officially started it at the end of August, but I only actually started selling recently. When/if it is a going concern, I’ll talk more about it. Right now I only expect a money trickle. If I give it six months and some serious, serious effort, then maybe it will make some money.

For the past 3-4 months I have been heavily involved in a programming project using VB.Net. This is a non-solicited project – something, that if I like the results, I may some day sell online. It has a direct connection to the home-based business. But I don’t want to say more about it. I expect another two-three months to finish the project.

Right now I have been taking about 2-2 ½ weeks “off” to write Xmas cards, do holiday decorations, etc. The usual Xmas stuff. And do some stuff with Mom.

Mom’s memory continues to deteriorate and we both think this may be her last Xmas. She was 90 in September. However, on the health front she is still in good shape. So I am thinking ahead.

I tried taking an accounting class last semester at the local junior college. It was an online course, but soon after taking it, I was deep into above-mentioned programming project, so I dropped it. I also got completely lost by chapter three, when it turns out, IN ACCOUNTING, debits can be either minuses or pluses (credits the same. Accountants are totally screwy.) I was thinking if I ever DO open used bookstore someday accounting would be a good thing to know. Well, I’ve signed up for the class again – starting January. We shall see if I have more time for it and my head can make more sense of its illogicalness this time.

Haven’t done any photography for a while. I am thinking about changing that. I tend to narrow my focus and concentrate hard when I am doing a programming project; I tend to let everything else go.

So I am taking a deep breath now, looking around, getting reintouch with things. But I will soon be back deep into programming again.

However, I hope to pace myself a bit better now that the project is about ½ done. Keep in touch with people better, do some photography, take a deep breaths more often, and look up more often.
Monday, August 30th, 2004
8:31 am
Mini Update
Well, been a long time since I checked in.

I am setting up a home-based business -- selling used books online, mainly at Amazon. I have everything pretty much set-up now: business license, seller's permit, an office (in the den), etc. I am still working on writing code for Amazon Web Services so I can look up books by ISBN and automatically fill in a database, so I don't have to TYPE in my inventory myself. Amazon basically uses Excel files for inventory databases. I refuse to type in everything myself, so I am exploring VB.NET, ASP, and interfacing with their web services.

I also need to get more books, but that will be next once I get some basic software going.

I am doing this to bring in a little cash, and to get my feet wet bookselling-wise for the long-range plan of opening a used bookstore. I am also currently taking Accounting for Small Business and Managing a Small Business classes at the local junior college. Last semester I finished up my last Real Estate class (got an A). Three college level classes are required for being a real estate salesperson (in CA). I'll probably take the state exam in January. But I don't really want to be a real estate salesperson, I've decided. It is now my back-up plan.

Took Mom to Oakland Museum yesterday. An exhibit on Henry J. Kaiser. My father (died 30 years ago), worked for Kaiser for about 25-30 years. He was their Chief Heavy Construction Engineer. Basically he estimated jobs -- like the Glen Canyon Dam and was responsible for submitting winning bids. Ergo, Kaiser if it submitted the winning bid, would get the job. He was capable of seeing the big picture: type of damn construction, number of people needed to do it, amount of equipment, type of equipment, stages of development, etc., etc. and put it all together into an estimate. He made Kaiser engineers a lot of money and won a lot of bids. I look back at it now and think he should have been paid more, since his job was so crucial. :-)

Henry J. Kaiser was an interesting guy, he also set up Kaiser Permanente Hospital for his workers. (Initially it was just for his workers). Probably the first employer who offered his workers a health care plan. Now the hospitals, naturally, are not just for Kaiser employees. Kaiser Engineers went bust a few years ago, other Kaiser departments are still going, but it's not the big thing it was. Kaiser made most of his money building ships during WWII.

I think Mom got a bit out of the exhibit, though we were both disappointed not to see something about Dad. But there was nothing about any of his employees there, really. Mainly it was just about him.

Mom's memory is pretty shot, very shot, actually. But she enjoyed it anyway.

That's it for now. :-)
Friday, May 28th, 2004
10:00 pm
Well, almost too much to catch-up with. How about a deep breath?

I think I already mentioned I went on a bird walk about three to four months ago and came home and found Mom on the floor (unhurt, as I found out later). That event has greatly altered my life because now I have to monitor her more.

OTOH, I have "gotten" Mom into senior day care (for people with dementia). Just, so far, one day a week. Although I have taken her two days a week, a couple of times. She is there four hours each time. May not seem like much, but a big break for me, as someone else baby-sits her. I've been driving, but finally the bus pass has arrived (have to be approved under some disability laws), and soon, in the future, she can ride the bus, which will give me the full four hours as a break (plus some).

Then what happened after that? I've lost track. I am losing my memory. ;-) Hmmm, car broke down? Timing belt? Something like that. Then the guy at the gas station found it had a head gasket leak. To make a long story short, he tried to overcharge me for fixing that. But I had not approved a revised estimate (although the work order said I had, by phone), so I stuck to my guns and paid him what we had originally agreed on for the head gasket. All that, timing belt, head gasket took over three weeks. Although I did have the car for a week. But I had to rent a rental car.

Lost of other problems, like Mom having diarrhea, and being incontinent while that went on. Oh, and right in the middle of me studying for my real estate final. Her continence reestablished itself with the fading of the diarrhea. Good thing, because I am not sure I could have handled that on a continuing basis. Frankly, I was getting ready to slap her into a nursing home (which would be too expensive, actually).

What else? Refrigerator that went poop after power outage? Still ran somewhat, but food spoiled for two weeks before I could get around to buying a new one. Then the neat automatic ice maker and water reservoir can't be used because when the plumber came to install that part of the frig, turns out all the kitchen pipes would have to be ripped out to make it work. What else? Losing a bank card (ATM), getting a replacement card on the wrong account (teller recommendation, bad one), and then the next replacement card on another wrong account (teller error)? Hmmm, got to be more, I know there's been tons of shit literally and figuratively to wade through. Oh, getting a new doctor for Mom (her old one retired). Only she was rude as anyone I've ever met, so we had to redo the whole thing. Finally have a nice one though. Did I ever mention the bitch of the XP install over ME? I think I did.
(The real list of annoyances and mishaps and mistakes and mini-crises is actually too long to recount.)

And now I am planning a trip, and right in the middle of getting ready, Mom's TV (living room) goes out. Bought one today, so caregiver I found to stay with Mom can watch TV.

I have definitely been living in Murphy Land the last six months, and the last three to four months especially.

So I am really, really looking forward to my trip, June 3rd - June 7th. I'll be meeting 30+ people from the Pentax mailing list I've been chatting on the last two years (Internet). First trip I've had since living with Mom, and first trip at all in about six to eight years.

A photography conference. The people from the mailing list have been using this as a place to meet for about seven years. (Okay, four years. Relooking at the web page, the conference has only been running four years.) About 600 attend, our group is a subgroup. Some people are coming in from England, some from Australia, some from Canada, and, of course, all across the US. Rather neat.

I hope nothing more goes wrong.

Right now, anyway. Wait until after the 7th, when I'll be visiting Adam (cereal pissing bandit, Stiffy Makane author, etc., etc.) Thornton in St. Louis on the way home from NC.

I am exhausted -- I am pooped. Oops, unfortunate choice of words. ;-) More trip getting-ready coming up.

Grandfather Mountain Photography Weekend
Saturday, March 20th, 2004
12:45 am
In the Mommy Mode...
Funny, LochJournal stopped working on me. Said MSXML not installed. So installed it. Still doesn't work. And no reason that MSXML should suddenly not be installed. Makes no sense. So trying Semagic.

Went on bird trip on March 6th. Saw bird banding and later went to Half Moon Bay to see gulls. Nice. But gone all day. When I got home found Mom on the floor (in the hallway). Asked her if she had fallen and she said no. I couldn't lift her. And I couldn't determine if more was wrong, so called 911. Results turned out to be no stroke, no heart attack, nothing broken. And she may not have fallen, may have felt unsteady. Basically, it seems with me gone all day she simply couldn't cope (although I had left lunch in the frig).

To make a long story short I am more closely supervising her now. I am definitely a mommy now. And I feel like one. Although a tad more rested this weekend, I was exhausted and had been tired for the previous two months. Just like a young mother with a toddler. Except I am not young, and she toddles better than a toddler... most of the time.
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Current Mood: blah
Saturday, January 24th, 2004
11:40 am
Been busy with stuff, not exactly sure what. Different stuff. Mom stuff, me stuff. Time seems to fly.

Played Scrabble Saturday night on the mud with DavidW, mcp, and later with jess, and DavidW. Think I'll try to drop by each weekend for some scrabble for the next month. Been sort of stressed. So if you're reading Jacq, hehehe, I'll be around.

Finished up a church discussion group. Second one I've done. Thought I made a new female friend there (my age), but maybe not. She isn't following up. I already asked her to see a movie and we went. Now it's her turn, but she hasn't taken it. I like my friendships to be reciprocal from the start and if they aren't, well, then I don't push it. Got to be back and forth for me to be happy. Bit disappointing. Bit funny too, every time she saw me IN the group she was quite friendly and seemed to want to be friends. Have decided maybe she doesn't do one-on-one friendships well.

Been too cold and foggy to do any photography and that's been disappointing as well. Been that way for months and months. Anyway I know I've done none for months and months. And I got a new macro lens.

I've been doing a lot of serious consideration about the future, since I will be surprised if Mom lives to be 90, next September. But she's surprised me before. Maybe I am hoping she WON'T. I've been taking care of her for four and a half years now and I am physically worn out. Also tired of not being able to come and go and do as I please. I keep thinking about the used book store idea as a long-term option. I haven't followed up my interviews with local used book store owners yet. That is to come.

Started a Natural History of California Birds class. I am semi-interested in bird watching, mainly for photography reasons. Doubt I'll ever get as consumed by it as some of the class members do. But so far I am finding it quite interesting. More than identifying birds, it's about why birds are they way they are.

Also started second semester (last semester) of Real Estate classes. Only had one class start so far, other class starts this next week. I'll be taking two. Once they are done then I can pass the state exam to be a real estate sales person. The first class is RE economics -- while it could be interesting -- so far I am bored. He's covering basic economics and economic theory first and I find a lot of his statements pie in the sky and unrelated to real life and also political statements, not statements of fact. I suppose any economist might be like that, they tend to be conservatives that just look at the "bottom line" and not people issues, and this guy has never sold real estate, he's always been an academic.

I don't know, sometimes I feel too old for school. I have a hard time not wanting to challenge and debate teachers. I find it hard to play wide-eyed listening innocence -- a clean slate for them to write on -- with no opinions of my own. At my age I have lots of opinions. So sometimes teachers annoy me with their opinions. Not all of them, of course, but a lot of them.

Things are going okay, just sort of boring.

Current Mood: cranky
Monday, December 15th, 2003
12:48 am
@#$%^&! Here I was looking forward to having a month to six weeks off between semesters, and now I am @#$%! sick! Either the flu or a cold. My big fear is that it will turn into bronchitis. Not much of a fever, but I have a sore neck and post-nasal drip. So far Claritin and Sudafed are keeping it in check pretty much, but I feel stuffed up and tired. Grrrrrrr.

Mom and I even got the flu shot a week prior to me getting sick. (I got it mainly for Mom.) Evidentially though it takes it four or more weeks to kick in. Supposedly according to what I've read on the Net, if you do get the shot and still get the flu, it should be less bad than without the shot. Maybe. I am not that sick, just low-level sick with headaches. So it's probably true.

I probably picked up the virus the night of my final. At college.

On the bright, side, I got an A in my class after all! Yip! (This does not really affect my "college career," as my major used to be computer science and these are Real Estate classes, but it's nice anyway.) I got a B+ on the final, but either she added up all the other points (quizzes, and midterm A's, prefect attendance) and figured it was an A, or I was within two pts. or something of an A so she gave it to me, or she graded on the curve. Doesn't matter I am not arguing with her.

Just wish I felt better.


Current Mood: aggravated
Thursday, December 11th, 2003
12:56 am
School's Out!
Yip! Winter break, yip!

Boy, that Real Estate class was hard. Still don't know yet if I got an A or a B+ on the final. Takes ten days for grades to be posted. Of course, I could have taken it for credit/no credit, but I thought working for a grade I would work harder. So not important, really, just curious.

I am still thinking "bookstore, bookstore" in the back of my mind. But to own a used bookstore I'd have to move out of state basically to afford it. So, for now, I will go ahead with the becoming a RE agent idea first.

Two more classes next semester, then California State Exam for state licensing. This stuff isn't easy, in fact, it's pretty tough. But the first class was the worst since is was sort of a survey course that covered everything: types of ownership (joint tenancy, etc.), RE laws (tons and tons, most for consumer protection and also anti-descrimination, but some which define what real property is), landlord/tenant stuff, escrow stuff, housing construction details, and my favorite (ironic, I found it hard), financing (i.e. types of loans, etc.).

Well, behind me for now. And I have a lot of real-life stuff to catch up with.

Might even visit the mud now and then during break and see if I can snag someone into a Scrabble game.

Onward and upward.
Monday, December 1st, 2003
10:11 pm
The used book store idea is grabbing hold of me. The big issue has been I'd have to move to another state to make it work. The only way I can sell this place and make enough profit off it is by moving out of state. Anything I buy here would have a price tag about the same as this condo. I've been searching MLS (multiple listing services) on the Net for various areas, including here. My guessitmates about the cost of living differentials are correct. The Bay Area has one of the highest in the US. And housing prices are high all over California, not just here (but they are highest here and in LA).

I need to interview the used book store owners that I can in this area.

I have wanted to remain in NorCal, the Bay Area. I do love it here. OTOH, I have lived here all my life and a change might be nice.

As long as there is not too much rain, or snow, and it's not a politically conservative area. Or highly politically conservative.

I've discussed it with Mom and she is okay with it. She's liked to think of me remaining here in her condo, but she can see the reasoning of a move. Saving money has always been something she understands. ;-)

Well, have to finish up the RE course first. I have an A so far. But I got a D on the last pop quiz, (A's all before that, and B+ on the one right before that, plus an A on the mid-term). But all this loan stuff, etc. is tough and I don't relate to it well.

More studying to do. However, I do feel I am getting more and more of it, though, the more I study (ARM, GEM, uh).

Back to de book(s).
12:17 am
Book Store

Isquiesque felt it was morbid that I am thinking ahead to after Mom dies. Puzzles me because of course I do. She's 89. And she has peppered her own speech with "when I'm gone" for about three years. Does it make it slightly morbid living here? Sure. But it's realistic too. And I will be in a financial situation that I have never been in before, HAVING some money. So doing some long range planning/thinking about what I'd really LIKE to do (if I had some money to do it, which I will) seems rather smart to me.

Used book store is a definite possibility. I already found two business opportunities on the Net for used book stores. One in Oregon, Metford, rather pricey, but it would be doable. And another in FL, much cheaper. Though I have no desire to live in Florida.

Just checking it out for future reference, they are nothing I can move on now. But it seems used book stores do come up as business opportunities.

I've eyed a local used book store (tiny) for years. Fantasying of someday having something similar. So about two-three months ago, I asked the manager about it -- is the owner ever planning to sell? Turned out she already had about three months prior to that. But it was an interesting conversation, we talked for quite a while about the overhead, the minimal profits (well, it's small) and the other problems involved. I learned a fair amount.

I've also fantasized about contacting the former owner and paying her for some interviewing -- ask the questions I need to ask about how it all worked. And someday, if she is still around when the time comes, I may just do that. If not her, well, there are two other female used book store owners in the area that I already know slightly. As long as they knew I was planning to move out of the area and set up else where they might well be willing to sit down with me and answer some questions.


Got a HP 300i drive, already have a Apex 1200, and downloaded DVD Shrink and CopyToDVD. Found a couple of helpful sites on the Internet, with forums. I have gotten into DVD ripping -- already copied one movie I own. I also joined Netflix. There are a lot of old series I'd like to watch again, like: Rocky and Bullwinkle, season 1, Upstairs Downstairs, the complete series, I, Claudius (same), The Jewel in the Crown (same), and, well, guilty pleasure, Dark Shadows (same). Also since it was on the sci-fi channel, I never saw it, Farscape.

Sometimes I *do* feel the future may have arrived a bit: cell phones, DVD writer drives, and a few other things.

Current Mood: nostalgic
Sunday, November 30th, 2003
2:07 am
Finals Approach and Day Dreaming...

Well, final, singular.

In my RE (Real Estate) class in two weeks. Next Tuesday is last lecture day, week after that is final date.

I am finding the end of the class much harder than the first half. Mortgages, loans, fully amortized, FNMA (Fannie Mae), Escrow, Appraisals, etc. Yuck! My head is spinning. Weird stuff.

And I am having second thoughts about becoming a real estate salesperson.

Although I probably will.


But more and more I am thinking about selling the condo when Mom dies and moving somewhere else. While I love the Bay Area -- the political climate and all the things to do -- I am fed up with the traffic. And waiting lines, etc. Too many people. And I live in a less crowded section beyond the Caldecott tunnel, but it's plenty crowded.

I keep dreaming of wide open spaces, or some spaces. Although there is open space here. Pines, Oregon, Washington. Or red rock, Utah, Arizona. Because I have mold allergies that are active when it rains I suppose the Pacific NW is out.

Used bookstore. Yup. Something I've always wanted to do, own a bookstore. A used bookstore would do.

I'd have enough selling the condo to buy one. But then I'd have no or a dwindled retirement fund, so it would definitely have to turn a profit. So the best bet is to buy a business opportunity, an existing book store or used book store. To see the books for the last three years to make sure it turns a profit. Not to mention I've never done retail and know nothing about it.

Then, of course, it would mean I might not be able to find one or find one where I would want to live.


I'll probably stay here at least a year after Mom dies, just to clear out the junk. Probably two years. So I will go ahead with the real estate sales person idea, but the book store in the pines idea appeals a great deal. (Drat, the rain.)

Day dreaming...

Current Mood: thoughtful
Thursday, November 13th, 2003
7:34 pm
This is a mini-update since I haven't checked-in for a month or two or three.

Health: I am alive and well. Actually, I've been feeling pretty good lately, physically. For awhile there my knees, arthritis, were hurting a lot. And I couldn't figure out why, since it was late summer at the time. Usually a time my knees don't hurt. My arthritis, on the whole, is mild or middling, but I was getting bummed that maybe it was getting worse. I sat down and analyzed the problem. The pain started when I started a diet -- the only thing that had really changed was my diet. One of the things I was doing was eating a lot of salads with tomatoes. I had avoided tomatoes for a couple of years (eating some, but not a lot), because I was worried about the acidity and my hiatal hernia. So I found this Nightshade Research Foundation, and I've given up tomatoes again. My doctor poo-pooed the idea when I told him about it (that occurred at the same time as the last great fake cancer scare), but that's okay, I am dumping him anyway. It works, and my own experience is good enough for me. I've been 90% or more pain-free for about two months.

Good thing, because I will be going back on the diet soon.

School/Career: I am taking a Real Estate class, planning on becoming a real estate sales person. This will be the third (or fourth, depending how one counts), career change for me in my lifetime.

I got an A on my mid-term -- highest score in the class (though not the only one with that score probably). But I have some reading to catch-up with because I took time out to finish up doing the addition to the Access database for the non-profit for which I did the original database last year. But I am feeling I am doing okay, and I will probably take the last two required classes (required for the state license) next semester. I find it interesting enough to feel that I will probably go ahead with that.

Photography/IF: Other than that, I got a new and good tripod, and a fisheye lens and am anxious to try out both. Never really used a tripod before, because the one I have now is too cheap and too wobbly. Been a bit too busy so far to do much photography, but I think in a week or two.

And in a week or two or three, maybe get back to working on some IF as well.

More later...
Monday, September 22nd, 2003
12:05 am
Mini Update...
Health - Cancer scare over (which wasn't a scare about anything, because the lab found nothing, it was the test in my doctor's office that was off), I am bouncing around, exuberant. Glad to be alive. But you know? Just because my doctor has seemed to determined in the last four or so years to knock me off with cancer (all scares have been about nothing, just his predictions that have been totally off, BEFORE any test results are back), I don't really need it. I don't need worrying about dying from cancer, just to get the glorious relief later when it turns out to be nothing -- that relief that makes me love life and feel like tigger (Pooh), bouncing around exuberant. So finding a new doctor still goes at the top of my agenda.

Camera Meet - Met with four guys from the camera mailing list I am on and went to Pt. Reyes to take pictures. Sort of like a mud meet. Very, very enjoyable. The thing that blew me away was one of the guys was John Francis. I did not know the John Francis I was going to be meeting was that John Francis ahead of time. Strange coincidence. For those of you who don't remember him (he hasn't been on raif for about four years or so), he gave me his old computer when my last computer went belly up with a hard disk crash (which some may remember or may remember me mentioning). In other words, I met him about eight years ago through raif and then now I meet him about eight years later through a completely different Internet venue. This small world stuff blow me away.

Real Estate - I am currently taking a real estate course at the local junior college (which I attended in my thirties when I changed my former college major from art to computer science). The way it works is, to be a real estate sales person (real estate agent, brokers are higher up but also called agents), in CA one must take 3 college level courses and pass a state test. One can pass the test with only one course, if one promises to take the other two in the following 18 months. In other words, I am seriously contemplating yet another career change in my life. I've never done sales, but it just might work for me anyway. 1.) Because a house is not like selling something door to door or over the counter. 2.) Because most people house hunting are in the market anyway, so I don't have to shove it at them. 3.) Because I've been self-employed most of my adult life (computer consultant 12 years, housecleaning service 14 years, about 7 years each time). So I am every used to being self-directed. A real estate agent works for a realty, but they are an independent contractor and set their own hours. Just might work. I actually also flirted with this idea earlier, back in my thirties (probably before I settled on computer science). 4.) I've noticed older people can get jobs as real estate agents.

So, overall, things are looking up and going well. This is a major mini-update. Haven't been live journaling for awhile. Will shoot for a mini-update about once a month.


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Friday, September 19th, 2003
5:45 pm
Another Cancer Scare...
This last week I have been dealing with another cancer scare from my doctor. It has made me short tempered, avoiding people so I won't discuss it, and popping in other type of discussions to take my mind off it.

Bladder cancer. To cut to the chase, I'll just say now, I don't have it.

I visited him because I was having low back pain. They took urine and did a test in the office and said there was blood in the urine. Then said they were going to send it out for more tests.

During the rest of the examination, afterward, it became fairly obvious I have sciatica, where he pressed, tests with leg movement, etc. I got a bit puzzled how I could have both causing low back pain.

Well, tests are back. Nothing. Nada. No blood. No problem.

So what happened? I am clueless.

I just know this is the third cancer scare this doctor has given me in as many years.

First it was my stomach -- "could be cancer or an ulcer." Turned out to be a hiatal hernia, much less concerning than either.

Then it was a breast cancer scare, little rough patch of skin. I have them all over my body, there is a name for them, but think of it of being like a mole. But oh, no, he has to remove it and biopsy it. Yeah, it was a little rough patch of skin.

Now this.

I think this guy is on a personal battle against cancer and just because I am over 50, he thinks I am a prime candidate. Although no one in my immediate family, or extended family has ever had any cancer. And I am talking cousins, aunts, grandparents.

I am out of here.

I wish I had known about four years ago that this guy was a total flake.

It would have saved me hours and hours and days and days and months and months and years and years of mental anguish.

Almost wish I could sue. But no basis. It *could* have been cancer every time. But he reminds me of the kid seeing the boogeyman under the bed.

As far as I am concerned, in my life, he is history. BTW, he inherited the practice (and me) from a very, very good doctor. But my loyalty only goes so far.

I don't need a worst case scenario guy as a doctor.

That is only called for in security guards, cops, and spies.
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